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Relieving Arthritis Shoulder Pain

One of the most common problems that hinder us from doing everyday tasks is arthritis shoulder pain. We rely so much on our arms that experiencing such stinging pain on our shoulders makes us want to just lie down and stop working until the ache subsides.

Even research indicates that over 4 million people in the US consult doctors and seek medical assistance due to shoulder arthritis pain. That’s just how many people are affected by this physical condition. But what really causes arthritis shoulder pain and how can we even relieve it?

Types of Arthritis Shoulder Pain

Arthritis Shoulder Pain

There are actually many types of medical condition associated to shoulder pain. There’s osteoarthritis which usually affects people over 50 years old and is described as the wearing down of the articular cartilage of the bone.

There’s also pain caused by trauma or medically referred to as post traumatic arthritis. This develops after a fracture, an injury or the dislocation of our shoulders. Lastly, there’s rheumatoid arthritis shoulder pain which is caused by an inflammation of the joint linings on our shoulders. This condition doesn’t really care for a person’s age. Even the younger generation can be affected and it can also be experienced by multiple joints in the body.

The level of arthritis shoulder pain is relative among people. Some may be affected lightly, some severely. The symptom is, on the other hand similar, which is pain due to the clashing or grinding of bones.

Affected people may find it hard to lift or use their arms. There could be feelings of weakness or stiffness in the shoulders that sleeping may even be a problem. At times, there could even be a clicking sound when the shoulders are moved or when the arms are raised. These are just manifestations of the lack of or inflammation of the cartilage between the shoulder joints.

Treating Arthritis Shoulder Pain

The simplest way to treat arthritis shoulder pain is through pain killers. Anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen are effective enough and can also be bought over the counter.

However, take note that these medicines just relieve the pain. They don’t really cure shoulder arthritis as they don’t even repair or replace the cartilages that were lost, inflamed and damaged. There are many anti inflammation supplements for healing and repairing joint cartilage and putting your arthritis pain behind you for good which we highly recommend taking as soon as possible to prevent further progression so your body can begin reversing the condition.

If the pain won’t go away for a couple of weeks, it will best to consult a doctor to have the shoulders diagnosed further. Doctors would know what would be the next step in treating arthritis shoulder pain.

At times, cryotherapy is advised, which is a process wherein the affected area is kept cool to reduce the inflammation of the joint linings. This significantly reduces swelling thus reducing pain itself. Some cases also involve injecting medication into the shoulder to directly treat the affected area. In a worst case scenario, shoulder surgery becomes an option.

There are actually a number of non-surgical treatment options for arthritis shoulder pain relief. These are a lot easier and of course, more affordable than going for surgery. Some of these options include physical therapy and even the application of ice on the affected area.

There are also micronutrient supplements available online that help out in preserving the cartilage of the shoulders and helping to relieve and repair arthritis shoulder pain.