Effective Bursitis Shoulder Treatment Advice

Bursitis Shoulder

Are you or anyone you know suffering from bursitis in the shoulder? If so, don’t worry, this can definitely be reversed with the proper care and treatment. First, it is important to know what exactly a “bursa” is, and how it can become inflamed and turn into bursitis. This can occur anywhere where bursa are present, the most common areas are the shoulders, elbows, and knees.

Bursa’s are small fluid filled sacs that help to cushion and protect the area in between the bones, tendons and muscles around your joints. Bursa’s help to reduce the tension between the bones which allows you to move your joints freely and effortlessly. These many bursa’s can be found in pretty much every major joint in your body.

bursitis shoulder

How Bursa’s Become Inflamed, Leading to Shoulder Bursitis

These bursa’s in your joints become inflamed when an injury occurs or some type of trauma to the area. This can easily occur during everyday activities where you’re using your shoulder for something, leading to bursitis shoulder. Such activities that can cause bursitis shoulder are lifting heavy objects around the home, excessive stretching leading to joint tear, and other activities which cause any type of strain on the shoulder.

Most of the time your shoulder can handle the pressure, but once in a while the bursa can become damaged when least expecting it, leading to inflammation which causes bursitis shoulder.If this occurs, it is vital to treat the affected area immediately. If the area becomes infected, the pain will intensify and treatment will be far more difficult and will take much longer to heal.

Symptoms of Bursitis Shoulder

Whenever you have intensive pain in a joint area, bursitis may be the cause. If the pain is chronic and comes back often, you may need to visit and doctor and get an X-ray to determine the problems as you may have some type of calcification in the bursa.

You know if you have bursitis if the area is swollen and enlarged. This won’t be nearly as obvious in the shoulder as in other places such as the elbow, but you should still be able to determine excess swelling and inflammation.

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Shoulder Bursitis Treatment

If no infection is present in the bursitis, then treatment is simple and usually can be done at home with exercises or shoulder bursitis stretches. You will need to be icing the affected area as much as possible, as well as resting your shoulder and making sure not to lift or strain it in anyway. Infection rarely occurs in a bursitis shoulder but it can happen if one becomes careless and doesn’t make sure the area can properly heal itself. It is also recommended to take something for inflammation and pain, aspirin is a more natural approach and usually does the job. Military micronutrient formulation can also help reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process.

It is important during the healing process to take it slow. There’s no rush and you must make sure it is fully healed before doing any further activities which could put pressure on the shoulder.

Take it slow and slowly begin to move and stretch the shoulder a little bit at a time, moving more and more each day until full use of the shoulder is obtained without any type of pain or discomfort.

You can also take a quick trip to your doctor’s office and he may do a quick procedure which drains the bursa fluid. He will typically do this with a syringe and is usually pretty simple. He will typically take the fluid and do further testing just to double check if there’s no type of infection.

Another form of treatment may be a shot of cortisone to reduce swelling, or physical therapy if the area has suffered any type of serious damage and the shoulder is difficult to move on its own.

If the bursa becomes infected, treatment is far more complicated and painful. This is why taking it slow and steady when treating bursitis shoulder at home is so important. Take every step necessary in order to prevent infection.

Infection in the shoulder is uncommon but it can happen and you don’t want it too. Some treatments of shoulder bursitis which has become infected may involve expensive and painful surgery in order to remove the fluid and recover from bursitis shoulder.